The logo of The Monty, the ultimate party band playing for weddings, clubs, parties and events.

The Monty - The Party Band

If you’re looking for a party band, a fun band which plays great dance songs, which is suitable for all ages and which can integrate into your party - then The Monty can help.

We are a six-piece party band, specialising in classic dance numbers from the 1950’s through to the present day.   You’ll know all the numbers we do, and if you don’t (unlikely - Ed.) you will do by the second chorus!

If you’ve got a special song you want us to play, or you’ve been having singling lessons and want to surprise everyone by singing on stage - then we we’d love the chance to play for you!

Master of Ceremonies

We can help ensure your event runs smoothly - David can be your Master of Ceremonies taking all the hassle off your hands

For All Ages

The Monty is suitable for all age groups.   Everything we do is great for everyone at your wedding.


We can also arrange a disco for you - to play in between sets.  Don’t worry, it all part of the service - no extra cost!

Dance Music

It is our policy to play numbers that you can dance to.  No self-indulgent lead breaks, just good dance music.