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The Monty - The Wedding Band

Having a live band at your wedding is a big step, because you want to make sure you get it right, that it’s suitable for all your family and guests, and that it plays music you can dance to.  Well, that’s The Monty!

The Monty plays music you can dance to, everything we do is suitable for all age groups, and we will work with you to design a unique experience, tailored just for your wedding.  We can help you work out the timings, the number of sets, whether you want a disco too.   If you want us to play your “special song”, then let us know!  If you would like dedications, to get Granny up on stage, or a master of ceremonies - then The Monty is your band!

Tailored To You

It’s your wedding so we will tailor the whole musical event to your wedding.

Your Special Song

If you have a special song that would like us to play - perhaps as the first dance - then let us know!


We can also arrange a disco for you - to play in between sets.  Don’t worry, it all part of the service - no extra cost!

Dance Music

It is our policy to play numbers that you can dance to.  No self-indulgent lead breaks, just good dance music.

For All Ages

The Monty is suitable for all age groups.   Everything we do is great for everyone at your wedding.